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Are Boarding Houses The Next Gold Mine for Property Investors ?

I’m Talking About New Age Boarding Houses.

Are boarding houses the next gold mine for property investors ?

That’s where my money is going, but, there’s a but, you must have,

  • Quality
  • Hi Tech
  • Superb Design

Here’s the scenario pay $500,000 for a 3/4 bedroom house on the Sunshine Coast and rent it for about $500/week or design it right and MAcH10 will rent it from you for ten years starting at $600/week.

That is an extra $5,200/year with no vacancy and no maintenance for 10 years.

So, are boarding houses the next gold mine for property investors ? The numbers say yes!

Institutional property investors are starting to see the market as this proposed Parramatta development shows.

Developers Propose ‘New Age’ Boarding House for Parramatta

Revelop aims to remove the “stigma” of social housing. In their proposal, they have pointed to the structure as housing a “new generation” boarding house which they describe as “designed to provide affordable options in priced-out areas for the average Joe.”

“New generation boarding houses can provide low cost, flexible rental accommodation to a wide range of tenants, particularly single retirees, homeless, working singles, students and young couples,” the proposal said. Developers Propose ‘New Age’ Boarding House for Parramatta

Check out these five videos that show what amazing things can be done.

The Future Of Work And The Social Welfare State’s Survival

Is Your Property Investment Future Proof?

Clickworkers An acquaintance, Lutz, gave me a tour of his co-working space in his Neukölln neighborhood in Berlin, where he and a dozen other digital entrepreneurs rent out little cubicles, share office expenses and network. Lutz and his colleagues are called ‚clickworkers’ because they work over the internet for anybody who hires them for their particular specialty– software development, computer programming, data management, web and graphic design, translation, copy editing and more.

Source: The Future Of Work And The Social Welfare State’s Survival

Transforming Healthcare to Homecare – Ericsson ConsumerLab

Healthcare becomes decentralized, moving from hospitals towards homes

Consumers are frustrated with inconveniences and doctor wait times; 39 percent of chronic patients prefer online consultations to face-to-face meetings. Close to two in three consumers say wearables that monitor and administer medication are important to better manage chronic ailments,leading to reduced visits to the doctor. More than half of cross-industry decision makers feel decentralizing healthcare to local centers will improve efficiency and address resource scarcity.

Patient data is centralized, turning hospitals into data centers

35 percent of consumers say that online access to a central repository of medical records will help them easily manage the quality and efficiency of their care; 45 percent of cross-industry experts consider the central repository as a breakthrough in healthcare provisioning. Access to patient data is considered important to improve healthcare. Doctors will become data scientists and data security will become paramount, as 46 percent of cross-industry decision makers already consider data security to be an issue.

Source: Transforming Healthcare to Homecare – Ericsson ConsumerLab

Ericsson – remote healthcare with King’s College

It won’t belong until healthcare is wired into your home.

The ability to reach out across space and physically interact with a person or object on the other side of the planet isn’t just a new technological concept – it’s something the human race has simply never been able to do before.

Although the use of tactile internet in healthcare has the potential to completely revolutionize how patients and doctors interact, the horizontal application of the technology is much wider, even within healthcare.

For example, senior doctors and teachers will be able to use tactile connections with students in faraway places to demonstrate surgical techniques, or to coach diagnosis methods. Someone with impaired vision could even use the equipment to add physical context to an audio/visual experience, bringing another dimension of sensory stimulation into the picture.

Source: Ericsson – remote healthcare with King’s College

Energy Prices Rising | Future proof your investment property speak to MAcH 10 today

Energy Prices Rising Should Be Every Landlord’s Concern

Energy prices rising reduces the available income your tenants have. Affordable housing design can save you a lot of angst with your tenants. MAcH 10 leased properties are designed protect your tenants from “bill shock“.

energy prices rising

MAcH 10 properties are designed from the ground up to minimize power consumption. This insulates your tenant from energy prices rising. We use renewable energy wherever possible and our properties are “smart”. Using IoT, internet of things technology, appliances communicate with each other turning on and off at the most energy efficient time.

tiny affordable housing design

Tiny Affordable Housing Design | 3 Tiny Homes Full Of Ideas

Tiny Affordable Housing Design Tiny Homes Are One Answer To The Affordable Housing Shortage

Tiny affordable housing design is at the core of the solution to the crisis in affordable housing in Australia. The affordable housing shortage is also about design. Poor design has been a big part of the problem and good design can be a big part of the cure.


A cosy, yet elegant home in Krakow