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How To Win The Affordable Housing Argument | A Young Person’s Perspective | The Facts And Figures Of The Affordable Housing Argument

The Affordable Housing Argument

Affordable housing argument should be heard from the young person’s perspective. Eliza Owen is an economist, writer and comedian who believes economics should be accessible to everyone, not just economists. She currently works as a market analyst for onthehouse.com.au, and has a regular economics segment on FBI’s ‘Backchat’.

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NSW budget 2017-18: Get Ready For Sydney Property To Go Truly Ballistic!

Will NSW Budget 2017 -18 throw fuel on the fire?

NSW Budget 2017 is supposed to deliver 75,000 new homes to address the affordable housing crisis.

NSW budget 2017-18: Councils under pressure to deliver more homes

The Treasurer, Dominic Perrottet, said about 75,000 homes were expected to be built next financial year, double the long-term average of 40,000.

“We are about to embark on a construction boom,” Mr Perrottet said. NSW budget 2017-18: Councils under pressure to deliver more homes

BUT… will NSW Budget 2017 just get more buyers into an already crowded market?

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First Home Buyer | You Need Commitment Discipline and Focus | Is Bernard Salt Operating HUA?

The First Home Buyer Needs More Than Commitment Discipline and Focus Bernard

The first home buyer needs an economy and a political system that works for them. Like the vast majority of “experts” Mr Salt is a slave to the economics of the last century.

Bernard Salt says FHBs need commitment, discipline and focus – Mortgage Business

“Like it or not, Australia is going from 24 million to 40 million people over your lifetime, generation-wide.

“That means that the value of housing must increase over that time frame. If you miss out now, it’s not going to get easier – [housing prices are] not going to suddenly decline in the 2030s.” Via mortgagebusiness.com.au

The First Home Buyer Economy

Australia’s first home buyer is in a much worse position than their forebears and its not all about price. The first home buyer in the 21st century has to adapt to the