Off-Grid & Zero Power Bills | It’s becoming possible for main stream residential

Power and telephone bills are fast becoming voluntary.

Huge savings for developers, investors, one-owners and tenants with 100% renewables.MaxiLife is moving ever closer to its goal of the off-grid housing development which passes on huge savings to buyers and tenants.Buyers save up to $2,000/yr in power bills which, if paid off the mortgage saves 6-7 years of repayments! That translates to over $100,000 in savings on the average Homeloan.Totally off grid is here

‘No such thing’ as an empty Hobart property right now

long term rental

Data from SQM Research has revealed vacancy rates nationwide are generally trending while asking rates are trending up, with Hobart benefiting the most. Nationwide, the vacancy rate for August was at 2.2 per cent with 71,540 homes, down from 2.3 per cent in July.Hobart saw the smallest vacancy rate for the month at 0.4 per cent, down from 0.5 per cent, which SQM Research said was the smallest rate since it started tracking the rental market in 2005.

Source: ‘No such thing’ as an empty Hobart property right now