Foreigner workers, ABNs and the deregulation of labour market by stealth

As a landlord you need to help make sure your tenants are securely employed A MAcH 10 25 year lease solves your problem

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Foreigner workers, ABNs and the deregulation of labour market by stealth Posted by Michael West

“The biggest failure of public administration since the formation of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1900.” Australian Tax Office insider. “The result of having the wrong system where taxes are too high and a labour market which is over-regulated.” Liberal Party insider. We are talking about the broad, state-sanctioned, backdoor deregulation of Australia’s labour market, which has…

Source: Foreigner workers, ABNs and the deregulation of labour market by stealth


Lyft and Gear Up to Test Autonomous Ride Sharing

Most autonomous car companies see ridesharing and taxi services as the clearest way for fully autonomous vehicles to become useful and cost effective. Unsurprisingly, ridesharing companies (whose largest expense is paying human drivers) are in enthusiastic agreement. Lyft in particular has formed partnerships with GM’s Cruise Automation, Waymo, and nuTonomy.

Last week, Lyft announced a new autonomous vehicle partnership, this time with, who plans to deploy their deep learning-based autonomous vehicles in and around San Francisco.

Lucky San Franciscans can look forward to getting Lyfted by autonomous cars driven by deep learning

Source: Lyft and Gear Up to Test Autonomous Ride Sharing

Autonomous Robots Plant, Tend, and Harvest Entire Crop of Barley

Automation is hitting farming again! The 20th century got rid of the horses, will the 21st century see the end of the people?

So a farmer can sit in his unit on the Gold Coast while the ‘bots run things?

That;s gotta be good if we do it right.




This is as autonomous as farming gets, without any humans having to get themselves dirty, or even go outside

Source: Autonomous Robots Plant, Tend, and Harvest Entire Crop of Barley

As Amazon Pushes Forward With Robots, Workers Find New Roles

Jobs at Amazon are changing but total jobs for humans across the economy are falling. What is the answer? Less hours? Universal Basic Income?

Amazon is on the forefront of automation, finding new ways of getting robots to do the work once handled by human employees.

Source: As Amazon Pushes Forward With Robots, Workers Find New Roles

robot drone robot

Robotics & AI | What Are The Implications For Your Investment Property Portfolio

Drone Robots Even Take In The Furniture

Drone robot that will take your order serve your meal and even pack the furniture away. What jobs will be safe in the future? Will we even have jobs as we have come to think of them?


Executives say AI will change business, but aren’t doing much about it – Axios

Business, Investment, Health Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Everything

Are you going make things happen, watch things happen or wonder what happened?

prepared for artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence will impact your tenants’ employment and the amenity of your investment property. You’ll need to be prepared.

The survey found “cautious optimism” about how AI will affect employment. Most don’t expect AI to reduce their work force in the next five years, but say it will require employees to acquire new skills. Quoting MIT professor Erik Brynjolfsson, co-author of The Second Machine Age, the report says: “AI won’t be able to replace most jobs anytime soon. But in almost every industry, people using AI are starting to replace people who don’t use AI, and that trend will only accelerate.”

Source: Executives say AI will change business, but aren’t doing much about it – Axios

robot tax for universal basic income

Robot Tax | How Will It Impact On Your Property Investment?

Robot Tax To Fund A universal Basic Income?

Robot tax has been put forward in California. The robot tax was first suggested by Bill Gates. Bill is concerned that artificial intelligence and robots will replace human workers permanently. The downside of this for property investors is obviously;

“How does my tenant pay the rent if a robot has taken their job?”

Now that is a good question. Just for the record I don’t have the answer. What I do have is a way to “future proof” your investment property so that you don’t have to worry.

robot tax future proof investment property

A robot tax could provide a universal basic income

A MAcH 10 long term lease means your property is fully tenanted for up to 25 years. No matter what happens in the future your blue chip tenant has to pay the rent.

When I say blue chip I mean a government supported not for profit registered housing provider with a balance sheet in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

If you want a worry free property investment complete the form below and we will be in touch.

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Labour Market For August | Hours Worked Fall Again Only Part Time Jobs Created

Labour Market Hours Worked Are The Key Number for Property Investors

Labour Market figures show hours worked are down and wages rises not keeping pace with inflation. Property investors need to take notice of these numbers as they show the importance of have blue chip long term tenants.

Unemployment eases to 5.6 per cent, but full-time jobs lost – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Key points:

Unemployment falls to 5.6pc in July after June figure revised up to 5.7pc
27,900 jobs were added to the economy last month: an increase of 48,200 in part-time, a fall of 20,300 full-time jobs
The proportion of the population in employment is the highest since April 2013 Via


labour market 2017

Labour Market Statistics by state

Automation | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | A Brave New World For Landlords And Tenants

Automation Will Bring Huge Changes In Our Economy

Automation is coming faster and harder than ever before. What will the automation brought by artificial intelligence do to your future. A new report pulls back the curtain.

Automation may not take the form of Mr Smith the elegant evil programme of the Matrix series but he may be every bit as dangerous in the short term.

automation or death








So how does this affect your investment property?

Falling Cost Of Living In Australia I What Will The Next 20 Years Falling Cost Of Living Do To Housing Prices? The Good The Bad & The Ugly.

The Falling Cost of Living In Australia Over The Next 20 Years Is A Game Changer

Falling cost of living in Australia must be good you say? I think you are probably right. Although being right doesn’t mean it will be easy. The falling cost of living in Australia creates all sorts of concerns. The adjustment actually drives up costs in some areas while destroying jobs.

falling cost of living in Australia concerns