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Garbage In Garbage Out

Affordable housing analysis has big problems according to The Conversation. Are we making the problem worse by looking at it the wrong way?

Affordable housing policy failure still being fuelled by flawed analysis

Australia’s new housing supply per capita is actually very strong by international standards. Over the past decade, supply of new units and apartments has been flowing in job-rich metropolitan areas with dense populations, which are also higher-value locations. Affordable housing policy failure still being fuelled by flawed analysis


buying power and property investors

Buying Power | Its not tax cuts for big business but increasing the buying power of Australian consumers that we need

Wages Have Not Been Keeping Up With The Cost of Living

Buying power of the average Australian is getting less and less.

This falling buying power is not often a focus of mainstream economists, or even government, despite it’s obvious effects.

The falling buying power of the average Australian has led to an increase in personal debt. This has important impacts on the future of property investors, home owners and property developers alike.

Conservative Economics Explained | You know something’s wrong

There’s a basic flaw with government economic policy.

We’ve all felt it for a long time. Flat wages rising prices and worse and worse government services.

In this video Robert Reich explains and gives examples to show the flaw in conservative economic theory.