Conservative Economics Explained | You know something’s wrong

There’s a basic flaw with government economic policy. We’ve all felt it for a long time. Flat wages rising prices and worse and worse government services. In this video Robert Reich explains and gives examples to show the flaw in conservative economic theory.

Foreigner workers, ABNs and the deregulation of labour market by stealth

As a landlord you need to help make sure your tenants are securely employed A MAcH 10 25 year lease solves your problem “The biggest failure of public administration since the formation of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1900.” Australian Tax Office insider. “The result of having the wrong system where taxes are too high and

Pfizer corporate rorts

Pfizer And The Dutch Sandwich |  Corporate Rorts, The Real Reason Government Services Are Poor

Its Time To Get Angry, Very Angry!!! Michael West exposes Pfizer! See exactly how they steal from the public and pharmaceutical benefits scheme laundering it overseas This ring-a-ring-a-rosy has all the hallmarks of a transaction designed to create almost a billion dollars in losses which can be used for tax purposes in Australia. The Australian