Falling Cost Of Living In Australia I What Will The Next 20 Years Falling Cost Of Living Do To Housing Prices? The Good The Bad & The Ugly.

The Falling Cost of Living In Australia Over The Next 20 Years Is A Game Changer

Falling cost of living in Australia must be good you say? I think you are probably right. Although being right doesn’t mean it will be easy. The falling cost of living in Australia creates all sorts of concerns. The adjustment actually drives up costs in some areas while destroying jobs.

falling cost of living in Australia concerns

Australian Tiny Homes Eco Friendly Mobile and Solar Check It Out

 Australian Tiny Homes are Taking Off

Australian tiny homes have a reputation for being cobbled together. You’re thinking the old plywood caravan from the fifties. You couldn’t be further from the truth Australian tiny homes have come of age.

This affordable housing comes as pods, flat-packs, containers in one piece or modular.

AN OVERVIEW OF THE PODS — The Tiny House Company

‘The Pods’, are an affordable range of tiny houses built on flat deck trailers which can be combined in various arrangements. With flexibility in mind, the Pods are designed to work with standard sized modules of Ikea furniture and cabinetry, and also to suit a range of optional pre-designed extras that can be added as your budget allows. read more at tinyhousecompany.com.au

Australian tiny homes