Pfizer corporate rorts

Pfizer And The Dutch Sandwich |  Corporate Rorts, The Real Reason Government Services Are Poor

Its Time To Get Angry, Very Angry!!!

Pfizer rorts Pfizer rorts

Michael West exposes Pfizer! See exactly how they steal from the public and pharmaceutical benefits scheme laundering it overseas

This ring-a-ring-a-rosy has all the hallmarks of a transaction designed to create almost a billion dollars in losses which can be used for tax purposes in Australia. The Australian company has “invested” almost a billion dollars into two companies which were suddenly liquidated — with no value left for shareholders. Nothing is heard of them since.

It brings to mind the infamous Bottom of the Harbour tax schemes of the 1980s where the financial engineers – facilitated by the top end of the accounting community – made investments in companies, stripped those companies of their assets and left nothing for the taxman.

Source: Dear Pfizer, pay it back | Michael West