When the Developer says “tenants? No problems”

A MACH 10 long term lease is the ONLY answer. Don’t get stuck like this! MAcH 10 Leases are for key workers Nurses, Firefighters Teachers solid tenants supporting our community. Ten years minimum no vacancy, no maintenance, managed by Australia’s largest and most secure registered housing providers. Your investment is secure! MaxiLife has a limited

robot tax for universal basic income

Robot Tax | How Will It Impact On Your Property Investment?

Our economy and your property investment success depend on EVERYONE making enough money to consume goods and services. No customers, no tenants. Depending on whom you ask, robots and artificial intelligence are either coming to take your job, or you’re perfectly safe, at least for the near future. It’s just that this time around, even highly skilled jobs may be imperiled. Proceeds from the tax would bankroll things like job retraining, free community college, or perhaps a universal basic income―countermeasures Kim thinks might make a robotic future more bearable for humans.