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Are Boarding Houses The Next Gold Mine for Property Investors ?

I’m Talking About New Age Boarding Houses.

Are boarding houses the next gold mine for property investors ?

That’s where my money is going, but, there’s a but, you must have,

  • Quality
  • Hi Tech
  • Superb Design

Here’s the scenario pay $500,000 for a 3/4 bedroom house on the Sunshine Coast and rent it for about $500/week or design it right and MAcH10 will rent it from you for ten years starting at $600/week.

That is an extra $5,200/year with no vacancy and no maintenance for 10 years.

So, are boarding houses the next gold mine for property investors ? The numbers say yes!

Institutional property investors are starting to see the market as this proposed Parramatta development shows.

Developers Propose ‘New Age’ Boarding House for Parramatta

Revelop aims to remove the “stigma” of social housing. In their proposal, they have pointed to the structure as housing a “new generation” boarding house which they describe as “designed to provide affordable options in priced-out areas for the average Joe.”

“New generation boarding houses can provide low cost, flexible rental accommodation to a wide range of tenants, particularly single retirees, homeless, working singles, students and young couples,” the proposal said. Developers Propose ‘New Age’ Boarding House for Parramatta

Check out these five videos that show what amazing things can be done.

property development finance squeeze

How To Weather The Property Development Finance Squeeze

Property Development Finance Squeeze We Can Help

Property development finance squeeze is causing the smart property developer and the smart money to look more carefully. Aiming part of your development at the right niche brings all sorts of people onside from government to banks.

property development finance squeeze

The squeeze is starting to show





Small and medium property developers are starting to experiencing some issues with their banks. Lending to the sector is being reduced as the above graph shows.

MaxiLife’s MAcH 10 long term lease product is helping many developers overcome the need for pre-sales.