Housing Affordability Survey 2018| Australia again seen as the least affordable housing in the world

AND The Wooden Spoon Goes To SYDNEY

Housing affordability survey says Sydney is the least affordable housing market in Australia. No prizes for guessing that one.

I’ve turned a summary of the report by Leith Van Olsen from MacroBusiness into a short video.

Contrary to the article from The Conversation, Demographica have a list of causes for the affordable housing crisis that are along more mainstream grounds.

Either way the supply of affordable housing is a huge opportunity for property developers and property investors who can think innovatively.

Whether you’re an property investor or a property developer MaxiLife Achievable cooperative Housing (NSW Registered Cooperative) can

Affordable Housing Analysis | Affordable Housing Failures Are Due To Flawed Analysis | The Conversation

Garbage In Garbage Out

Affordable housing analysis has big problems according to The Conversation. Are we making the problem worse by looking at it the wrong way?

Affordable housing policy failure still being fuelled by flawed analysis

Australia’s new housing supply per capita is actually very strong by international standards. Over the past decade, supply of new units and apartments has been flowing in job-rich metropolitan areas with dense populations, which are also higher-value locations. Affordable housing policy failure still being fuelled by flawed analysis


Where Are All The Key Workers Going ? | Key Workers Fleeing Sydney’s Inner and Middle Ring!

Key Workers, Police, Nurses, Firemen, Ambos and their support staff can no longer afford to live where they are needed!

Where Are All The Key Workers Going ? Where they can afford to live. What does that mean for the rest of us?

Well it means they aren’t where they are needed.

So Police aren’t coaching the local cricket team, they aren’t interacting with our children. What that does is limit their response to dealing with your son or daughter if they get into trouble because the Police simply don’t know you, your child or the community. It creates an “us and them” situation that no amount of training can overcome.

The MAcH10 long term leasing programme overcomes this. If you are a property investor you get a ten year lease with no vacancy, blue chip tenants and extra tax deductions courtesy of the commonwealth government.


Our key workers get affordable housing where we need them.

no deposit home loans

Carrie Hamilton discusses bond aggregation with ABC TV News 24 (10 March 2017) – YouTube

Bond Aggregation

Bond aggregation and no deposit home loans can be a major disruption the housing industry. I’m not sure if the government realise it but the bond aggregator they’ve put together in the last budget could turn the property market on its head.

Bond Aggregation and No Deposit Home Loans

Bond Aggregation and No Deposit Home Loans housing providers will open up lending options

Investment Property Taxation | A Solution To All The Empty Homes?

Investment Property Taxation Can It Solve The Housing Crisis?

Investment property taxation is being suggested as a way of prompting owners to let their properties. The lights are out on a million Australian homes every night.

investment property taxation on empty homes


Taxing empty homes: a step towards affordable housing, but much more can be done

Across Australia on census night, 11.2% of housing was recorded as unoccupied – a total of 1,089,165 dwellings. With housing affordability stress also intensifying, the moment for a push on empty property taxes looks to have arrived. The 2016 Census showed empty property numbers up by 19% in Melbourne and 15% in Sydney over the past five years alone. Taxing empty homes: a step towards affordable housing, but much more can be done