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First Home Buyer | You Need Commitment Discipline and Focus | Is Bernard Salt Operating HUA?

The First Home Buyer Needs More Than Commitment Discipline and Focus Bernard

The first home buyer needs an economy and a political system that works for them. Like the vast majority of “experts” Mr Salt is a slave to the economics of the last century.

Bernard Salt says FHBs need commitment, discipline and focus – Mortgage Business

“Like it or not, Australia is going from 24 million to 40 million people over your lifetime, generation-wide.

“That means that the value of housing must increase over that time frame. If you miss out now, it’s not going to get easier – [housing prices are] not going to suddenly decline in the 2030s.” Via

The First Home Buyer Economy

Australia’s first home buyer is in a much worse position than their forebears and its not all about price. The first home buyer in the 21st century has to adapt to the