How Do I Future Proof An Investment Property ? | St George Community Housing & CEFC

Property Investment Is A long Term Game

How do I future proof an  investment property is the most important question any property investor can ask themselves!

A good hint is to find out what the big boys are doing, like St George Cooperative Housing and Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

Energy Prices Rising | Future proof your investment property speak to MAcH 10 today

Energy Prices Rising Should Be Every Landlord’s Concern

Energy prices rising reduces the available income your tenants have. Affordable housing design can save you a lot of angst with your tenants. MAcH 10 leased properties are designed protect your tenants from “bill shock“.

energy prices rising

MAcH 10 properties are designed from the ground up to minimize power consumption. This insulates your tenant from energy prices rising. We use renewable energy wherever possible and our properties are “smart”. Using IoT, internet of things technology, appliances communicate with each other turning on and off at the most energy efficient time.