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Robotics & AI | What Are The Implications For Your Investment Property Portfolio

Drone Robots Even Take In The Furniture

Drone robot that will take your order serve your meal and even pack the furniture away. What jobs will be safe in the future? Will we even have jobs as we have come to think of them?


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Robot Tax | How Will It Impact On Your Property Investment?

Robot Tax To Fund A universal Basic Income?

Robot tax has been put forward in California. The robot tax was first suggested by Bill Gates. Bill is concerned that artificial intelligence and robots will replace human workers permanently. The downside of this for property investors is obviously;

“How does my tenant pay the rent if a robot has taken their job?”

Now that is a good question. Just for the record I don’t have the answer. What I do have is a way to “future proof” your investment property so that you don’t have to worry.

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A robot tax could provide a universal basic income

A MAcH 10 long term lease means your property is fully tenanted for up to 25 years. No matter what happens in the future your blue chip tenant has to pay the rent.

When I say blue chip I mean a government supported not for profit registered housing provider with a balance sheet in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

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Driverless lorries could mean 600,000 lost jobs. It’s time we took a universal basic income seriously. | Evolve Politics

With trials for self-driving commercial lorries to take place in the UK within the next twelve months, the work days of thousands of Britain’s long-haul drivers may soon be numbered.Of course, these are only preliminary tests – it may well be a decade or more before driverless deliveries and long-distance haulage are an everyday reality. However, with the beginnings already upon us, a boom in automated jobs is surely coming sooner rather than later.

Source: Driverless lorries could mean 600,000 lost jobs. It’s time we took a universal basic income seriously. | Evolve Politics

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Universal Basic Income | What Can UBI Do?

Universal basic income! Is It Needed?

Universal basic income or UBI is needed to ensure our economy still works, say some. The western economies will fail due to lack of consumers or due to paying people to do nothing. It depends who you listen to. No matter what happens your investment property will be affected.

I’ve collected this group of articles to try and cover the arguments for and against a universal basic income. First, what is a universal basic income?

universal basic income UBI

Well, when you put it like that….

Universal Basic Income: A Definition