property developers and keyworkers

Key workers are the people that hold our communities together

Thank you for your interest,

You have most probably come to this page from our tender document, if not you can download by clicking on the icon below. [download id=”3565″].

MaxiLife i s calling for tenders from registered housing providers to lease, manage and develop selected residential sites for affordable housing.

The services we require range from managing finished property, introduction of suitable tenants through to design and construction.

The tender is deliberately broad so as to engage the widest number of housing providers and service providers possible.

The listed developments are all long term, 10 – 25 year build and hold investments for their owners.

Further information will be released after initial discussions and a confidentiality agreement has been executed.

Gary FitzGerald is available on 0439 810 652 to answer any queries you may have.

Please register your interest below and we can start the process.