Property Developers

If you have property to sell in almost any area of Australia we can help you do it!
Less Hassle
More Profitably.

Our approved developers get better finance, get higher yields and more sales.

Click below to find out how our KEY WORKER programme can help you TODAY.

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Housing Providers

If you're a Community Housing Provider talk to us about increasing the impact you have in your community.

At MAcH5 we are committed to sourcing affordable housing for key workers and we know community housing providers are best positioned to manage that stock. So if you're restricted by poor government funding, need expertise to obtain more housing or just plain want to do more good work for your community click below and chat to us today

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Property Investors

Our ten year zero vacancy lease really lets you make money in your sleep. Your tenant is blue chip, rent is paid by some of Australia's largest housing providers.

AND you'll feel great housing Australia's key people, Police, Nurses, Teachers the people we rely on to make our communities work.

You'll have a blue chip tenant for 10+ years and no headaches think NRAS & DHA on steroids.

How long all the great incentives we have for you will last we can't say so click below Reserve your place NOW! Property & funding is limited.

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Looking To Rent?

Affordable housing is our specialty

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Manage All Your Daily Tasks 

Call us: 800-8996-2508 hours: 8am-9pm

  • Developers

Quality tenants in your  developments Fast dependable pre-sales – Certainty no matter what the market does in the short term  —  Better cash-flow — more profit

  • Investors

Your head tenant is a blue chip corporation – A minimum lease term of ten years that’s ZERO vacancy for 10 years – You have no maintenance for ten years – No outgoings except statutory charges.

  • Residents

Long leases – guaranteed renewals up to 10 years – Brand New & fully maintained properties – Reduced rents a minimum of 20% below market – A corporate landlord 1800

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