Property Developers Win/Win When Using MAcH5’s Key Worker Programme

Property Developers know that successful property development is a win/win for them and the community. MAcH5’s key worker programme brings property developers the perfect Clients.

  • Finance Approved
  • Unemotional
  • Educated
  • Socially Aware

Because our Clients are all of the above their decisions are fast, logical and backed up by financing that is second to none.

The key to all this is property developers understanding the needs of our buyers and their long term tenants, most of our leases are for over ten years.

Big Challenges for Property Developers

Property Developers know that development is a people business. You’re dealing with Local, maybe even State and Commonwealth Government.

Then there is finance. Your bank wants pre-sales and in the current climate may even be changing the rules on you.

Then the buyers need finance which isn’t at all secure when they may not be settling the property for a year or more,

MAcH5 Key Worker Housing Programme: The Property Developers key to de-risking your development.

The MAcH5 programme gives you, the edge over your competition. Affordable housing is on the news every day. All levels of government are aware! Affordable housing is an election issue.

Come on board with our programme. Decrease your risk while increasing your returns. Our group has had success with increased yields being granted. We’ve receive dispensations and even significant reductions in council charges, stamp duty etc.

When you work with us to supply housing to the people who keep communities running you become one of the good guys.

  • The bureaucrats will treat you differently!
  • The bankers will treat you differently!
  • The buyers will treat you differently!
  • Even the valuers will treat you differently!
property developers and keyworkers

Property Developers can house Firemen, Nurses, Teachers, Professors and Ambos PROFITABLY

Property Developers and:

  • Bureaucrats

    • Local Government and property developers don’t have a great history. You’re trying to squeeze as much profit as you can out of a development while they are dealing with the concerns of the neighbours.

      • By developing property with the MAcH 10 system you are able to position yourself as a socially responsible housing provider!
      • We will even help you pitch to the Councillors and town planners

The MAcH 10 system is ideal for Property Developers who see the bigger picture. Complete the form below and we will be in touch ASAP.