MaxiLife Rental Model

Cost of Living | Service NSW

Internet becoming crucial to property valu

Renting in Australia is a sh*tshow – and real estate agents are the ringleaders | The Feed

Millions of Australians missing out on superannuation, amid rise of gig economy – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The great Australian superannuation swindle

Tax concessions to wealthy costing six times the dole: Anglicare – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

investment property design

Investment Property Design | A TED Talk by Grace Kim

Inequality | CEO pay through the roof but nothings trickled down

Watch CEOs admit they won’t actually invest more if tax reform passes – Vox

No free lunches so why are we feeding foreign multinationals’ profits?

Labour must be bolder – only a wealth tax can defeat inequality | Owen Jones | Opinion | The Guardian

Tiny Container House

Housing Affordability Survey 2018| Australia again seen as the least affordable housing in the world

Affordable Housing Analysis | Affordable Housing Failures Are Due To Flawed Analysis | The Conversation

116,000 homeless people | 300,000 empty homes

Tax Gas Resources

Lets Tax Gas Resources Competitively | Australia losing $90 BILLION through lack of will!

buying power and property investors

Buying Power | Its not tax cuts for big business but increasing the buying power of Australian consumers that we need

Property Supply Is Tightening Up In Australian Capital Cities

How Do I Future Proof An Investment Property ? | St George Community Housing & CEFC

Where Are All The Key Workers Going ? | Key Workers Fleeing Sydney’s Inner and Middle Ring!

What we can learn from overseas!

Rental Housing Ideas | What Australia can learn from overseas about the future of rental housing | The Conversation

tiny affordable housing design

Are Boarding Houses The Next Gold Mine for Property Investors ?

how important is internet access when buying a property

How Important Is Internet Access When Buying A Property?

$1,000,000,000 for 60 politicians pensions???

NAB Sydney Housing Market Update

Rise of the robots: There won’t be enough work to go around, fmr. Apple CEO says | Fox Business

Is This Brisbane’s Worry Free Investment Property?

When the Developer says “tenants? No problems”

Fully Tenanted & Maintained for Ten Year’s

The rich keep getting richer — if we keep voting for them

Aged over 60 and female? Here’s why you’re at risk of poverty | SBS Life

Long Term Worry Free Leases for Residential Investment Property

10yr ZERO Vacancy leased property

Alzheimer’s Will Impact On Housing Design, Supply and Affordability

Conservative Economics Explained | You know something’s wrong

Charles Bukowski | What a quote

Off-Grid & Zero Power Bills | It’s becoming possible for main stream residential

Experimental Building Materials are all the rage!

Nowhere in America can a minimum wage worker afford a two bedroom apartment!

The threat of terrorism in Australia is a scam that costs us dearly

The 3 Biggest Lies We Tell Ourselves About Life, Happiness, and Success

Long Term Lease + Landlord Insurance = A Sweet Investment

Financial Adviser Jokes | They can make you cry

Revisited: Is property a good investment for your SMSF?

RateSetter completes $10.5m capital raising

Foreigner workers, ABNs and the deregulation of labour market by stealth

The hidden trap in the new super rules: death benefits | Shed Connect

‘No such thing’ as an empty Hobart property right now

Housing affordability lessons from Vancouver for the City of Sydney

Small shock could trigger ‘serious correction’, warns RBA

House Prices | Has it every been different?

Mortgage arrears at five-year high: Moody’s

Draft bill to allow Canberra building owners to bulk-buy power to sell to tenants

NAB to fund low-income Aussies

EXPLAINER: In your 30s and want to buy a house? This is what you need to know and do.

no deposit home loans

Carrie Hamilton discusses bond aggregation with ABC TV News 24 (10 March 2017) – YouTube

real estate

Property Prices In Queensland Regional Towns Are On The Move

ATO investment property tax deductions

ATO Investment Property Tax Deductions FREE Video

Man Hates Investment Property Decisions | Being Put In Position Where He Has To Think, Feel, Or Act Sucks – The Onion – America’s Finest News Source


Lyft and Gear Up to Test Autonomous Ride Sharing

Autonomous Robots Plant, Tend, and Harvest Entire Crop of Barley

As Amazon Pushes Forward With Robots, Workers Find New Roles

Watch out for the flying pigs! Treasurer quotes 4% to pay for tax cuts BUT RBA eyes 3% growth amid ‘troughed’ inflation

FHBs come out to play despite affordability downturn

Time for cities to get smart about transport – SkedGo

Federal politicians claimed more than $55m in six months: Find out how much your local MP spent – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

tiny affordable housing design

Tiny Affordable Housing Design | 3 Tiny Homes Full Of Ideas

Twitter | Real Income Is In Negative Growth

robot drone robot

Robotics & AI | What Are The Implications For Your Investment Property Portfolio

Executives say AI will change business, but aren’t doing much about it – Axios

The most arrogant people in Australia are business people and we’re sick of them

RBA announces cash rate call – Mortgage Business

robot tax for universal basic income

Robot Tax | How Will It Impact On Your Property Investment?

amazon retail threat

Amazon Retail Threat Is Real To Woollies CEO | Interview by Peter Ryan ABC

Home Truths – Four Corners – YouTube

sustainable apartments

Sustainable Apartments – A New Model for the Future | Jeremy McLeod | TEDxStKilda – YouTube

Australia must do more to address entrenched disadvantage: Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin

Housing Australia

How governments have widened the gap between generations in home ownership

Tax Office reveals size of underpayment of super for the first time

Driverless lorries could mean 600,000 lost jobs. It’s time we took a universal basic income seriously. | Evolve Politics

The great unpaid super swindle | The Saturday Paper

The Future Of Work And The Social Welfare State’s Survival

Arrears fall nationwide in June – Mortgage Business

Pfizer corporate rorts

Pfizer And The Dutch Sandwich |  Corporate Rorts, The Real Reason Government Services Are Poor

Transforming Healthcare to Homecare – Ericsson ConsumerLab

Ericsson – remote healthcare with King’s College

APRA to conduct inquiry into CBA – Mortgage Business

How renters could never leave under radical plan being pursued by the government

Renting in Australia is generally ‘miserable’ but doesn’t have to be |

Shocking Rise In Older Women Couchsurfing, Sleeping In Cars Due To Homelessness

How The Great Australian Dream Became A Total Nightmare

Australia, The Land Of Opportunity Until It Comes To Housing Affordability

Investment Property Risks | Our perverse fascination with property – Mortgage Business

labour market aigist

Labour Market For August | Hours Worked Fall Again Only Part Time Jobs Created

How much super do you need to retire comfortably?

Lawyers prepare CBA class action for shareholders – Mortgage Business

Calls for higher affordable housing targets as more people on ‘cusp of poverty’

Link Housing sponsors Affordable Housing Forum

Affordable Housing Development Willoughby | Link Housing opens new homes in Willoughby

How to live more sustainably in a unit block – Part 1 – Live for Less

More investors sacrificing lifestyle to buy property – The Adviser

Medium-density approvals see sharpest fall in four years – Mortgage Business

CBA to refund $10m for mis-selling CCI – Mortgage Business

ACCC warns of property spruiker ‘selling lies’ – Mortgage Business

‘Best’ investment plans have realistic buffers: Financial Mappers – The Adviser

Major bank to refund $10m for mis-selling CCI – Mortgage Business

Everybody makes mistakes

‘Mistakes can be made’: CBA on laundering scandal – Mortgage Business

Housing Market Forecast: No sudden movements S&P – Mortgage Business

Energy Prices Rising | Future proof your investment property speak to MAcH 10 today

National Housing Conference 2017 | The Best Networking Event For Ambitious Property Developers In Australia

Bank refunds over $230k in overcharged interest – The Adviser

universal basic income

Universal Basic Income | What Can UBI Do?

OECD Economic Survey 2017 R & D Spending

OECD Economic Survey of Australia 2017 – OECD

How To Win The Affordable Housing Argument | A Young Person’s Perspective | The Facts And Figures Of The Affordable Housing Argument

Investment Property Taxation | A Solution To All The Empty Homes?

property investment travel expenses

Property Investment Travel Expenses | No More Tax Deductions For Inspecting Your Investment Property

Shares Vs Property | What Have You Got To Worry About? | Hint One List Is Longer Than The Other

Sustainable Apartments – A New Model for the Future | Jeremy McLeod | TEDxStKilda – YouTube

Affordable Housing Design | Brilliant designs to fit more people in every city | TED Talk

Investment Forecasts | 11 Myths Of Investment Forecasts Exposed

HSBC Future of Retirement

Retirement Superannuation and Most People

Automation | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | A Brave New World For Landlords And Tenants

How Many People Live In Poverty In Australia ?

student immigration visa

Student Immigration | Pressures On The Affordable Housing Market

Falling Cost Of Living In Australia I What Will The Next 20 Years Falling Cost Of Living Do To Housing Prices? The Good The Bad & The Ugly.

Affordable housing losers are everywhere

Affordable Housing Losers – Are You One? Find out here

Alzheimer’s Australia Statistics | Specialist Rental Properties Needed

alzheimers aged care

Aveo faces fresh allegations over death of resident

property development finance squeeze

How To Weather The Property Development Finance Squeeze

Long Term Affordable Housing Issues | First Jobs To Go


Immigration driving the property market no matter what

homw ownership

NSW budget 2017-18: Get Ready For Sydney Property To Go Truly Ballistic!

energy bills

Energy Bills Will Determine If Your Investment Property Works Or Not l MaxiLife4U

long term rental

Long Term Rental Will Change The Australian Dream

first home buyer inequalities

First Home Buyer | You Need Commitment Discipline and Focus | Is Bernard Salt Operating HUA?

Investment Property – What Einstein can teach you

housing market

Housing Market Ups And Downs

Smart Home Innovations In 2017 | Gizmodo Australia – Designing Affordable Housing

Truck Driver or property investor

Property Investor l Nathan FIFO truck driver l 1st investment property costing $47per week

wealthy are you sure

Affordable Housing and the Future of Jobs

Affordable Housing in Western Sydney

Affordable Housing for First Home Buyers – a Unicorn? 40 years’ worth of savings for a Sydney deposit, UBS modelling shows – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

support for Australia's housing bubble

Has The Australian Housing Bubble Burst? – Have A Look At Canada

Australian Tiny Homes Eco Friendly Mobile and Solar Check It Out

what causes low housing affordability

What Causes Low Housing Affordability – The Real Issues

Technology – 3D Printed Houses – Affordable Housing Construction

Worst cities for affordable housing IN THE WORLD 1/4 are in Australia

Affordable housing for keyworkers couch surfing cops

Affordable Housing for Keyworkers: Cops Who Couch Surf bond aggregator

Bond Aggregator Will Stop North Korea, No but Affordable Housing is a bigger problem anyway