Where Are All The Key Workers Going ? | Key Workers Fleeing Sydney’s Inner and Middle Ring!

Key Workers, Police, Nurses, Firemen, Ambos and their support staff can no longer afford to live where they are needed!

Where Are All The Key Workers Going ? Where they can afford to live. What does that mean for the rest of us?

Well it means they aren’t where they are needed.

So Police aren’t coaching the local cricket team, they aren’t interacting with our children. What that does is limit their response to dealing with your son or daughter if they get into trouble because the Police simply don’t know you, your child or the community. It creates an “us and them” situation that no amount of training can overcome.

The MAcH10 long term leasing programme overcomes this. If you are a property investor you get a ten year lease with no vacancy, blue chip tenants and extra tax deductions courtesy of the commonwealth government.


Our key workers get affordable housing where we need them.

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Where are all the key workers going ?

Where they can afford it, which, for an entry level Nurse is at Cessnock 150 kms from the CBD. This translates directly into longer waiting times for operations and poorer overall service at higher prices.

The good news is that under the MAcH10 programme the commonwealth will give you tax incentives for providing for key workers.

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Key workers fleeing Sydney’s inner and middle-ring

Sydney’s inner and middle-ring neighbourhoods are being sapped of locals who work in essential services including nurses, teachers and police as high house prices alter the make-up of the city’s neighbourhoods.

“In Sydney there is a growing spatial mismatch between where key workers live and work,” said the study conducted by the University of Sydney’s Urban Housing Lab for the Teachers Mutual Bank, Firefighters Mutual Bank and Police Bank.

The report concluded the closest local government area with an affordable median rental price for an entry level enrolled nurse is Cessnock in the Hunter Valley. Key workers fleeing Sydney’s inner and middle-ring

Where are all the key workers going ? Couch Surfing!

where are all the key workers going



Remember the Manly Daily article I curated last year? Well nothing has changed. Cops are still couch surfing.


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