Conservative Economics Explained | You know something’s wrong

There’s a basic flaw with government economic policy.

We’ve all felt it for a long time. Flat wages rising prices and worse and worse government services.

In this video Robert Reich explains and gives examples to show the flaw in conservative economic theory.

Off-Grid & Zero Power Bills | It’s becoming possible for main stream residential

Power and telephone bills are fast becoming voluntary.

Huge savings for developers, investors, one-owners and tenants with 100% renewables.MaxiLife is moving ever closer to its goal of the off-grid housing development which passes on huge savings to buyers and tenants.Buyers save up to $2,000/yr in power bills which, if paid off the mortgage saves 6-7 years of repayments! That translates to over $100,000 in savings on the average Homeloan.Totally off grid is here