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Don’t You End Up Like This Property Investor!

Investment property decisions can be a real nuisance! After all that isn’t what you signed up for. There is no need for you to be bombarded with investment property decisions.

After all didn’t the salesman, vendor and the property manager all get paid? They’re supposed to make your life easier not harder.

At some point isn’t enough just enough?

Area Man hates investment property decisions

Property Investor Hates Investment Property Decisions

“I swear, everywhere I go, people expect me to take some matter or another into consideration, display some sort of emotion in response, and perhaps even do something about it,”

Source: Man Hates Being Put In Position Where He Has To Think, Feel, Or Act – The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

Investment property Decisions Can Seem Never Ending

At MaxiLife the properties we recommend to our property investors are certified MAcH 10 fully leased and maintained investment property. They are worry free. Your investment property comes with a head lease to a commonwealth government certified and regulated Registered Housing Provider. It is managed locally to provide housing for key workers in our community Nurses, Police, Firemen and other essential support personnel.

OK Our Sample Property Investor Above Is “Tongue In Cheek” But…

If you don’t buy the right investment property with the right people then here’s just a few of the property investment decisions you need to make every year;

  • How will I pay the mortgage if there’s no tenant?
  • How do I know I’m not charging to little rent or too much?
  • What do I do if the tenant damages the property?
  • How much money do I put aside for maintenance?
  • How….
  • What do I…..
  • When should…..

You get the picture don’t do anything without completing the form below and checking out a MAcH 10 fully leased and maintained investment property.

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