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Investment Property Risks, There’s No Telling Some People

Investment property risks can be more than adequately managed. So why do so many people forget to manage investment property risks? A little bit of insurance, a long term lease to a good tenant and Bob’s your uncle.

Trouble is with investment property risks property investors get tunnel vision.

Opinion: Our perverse fascination with property – Mortgage Business

The bottom line is this: going into debt carries risks. Period.

Whether you’re racking up debt on a credit card or borrowing to buy a two-bedroom unit in Sydney, there are risks involved. What if you lose your job? What if the price of your property falls? What if you get sick and can’t service the mortgage? What if?

It’s too late to start asking these questions once you’ve taken out a loan. But there are things you can do to alleviate your fears, like taking out mortgage protection insurance and getting advice from someone who isn’t holding the title deeds. Via

The Top 3 Ways To Manage Investment Property Risk

investment property risks covered by insurance

  • A long term lease

A MAcH 10 long term lease to a Tier One Registered Housing Provider provides you with a guaranteed tenant and no vacancy for up to twenty five years

You can insure against structural problems damage by sub-tenants and fire, flood etc. Anything that can happen to your property

Protect yourself against job loss or injury any of the unforeseen personal events that will effect your income.

So there you have it all the investment property risks neatly covered so you can sleep easy. Naturally you will need to get independent and personal advice before you commit yourself. Just fill out the contact form below and we can give you a no obligation assessment on a worry free property investment costing as little as $17 per week.



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