Housing Australia

The great Australian dream of owning your own home has prevailed for more than half a century but with surging house prices in some parts of Australia, there has been much debate about whether it will continue. Historically low interest rates, an unprecedented period of continuous economic growth and strong levels of migration have contributed

Tax Office reveals size of underpayment of super for the first time

There is a $2.85 billion-a-year shortfall in what employers should be paying their employees in super.For the first time, the Tax Office has estimated the shortfall by comparing what employers should be paying with how much actually ends up in the super funds of their employees. Source: Tax Office reveals size of underpayment of super

Driverless lorries could mean 600,000 lost jobs. It’s time we took a universal basic income seriously. | Evolve Politics

With trials for self-driving commercial lorries to take place in the UK within the next twelve months, the work days of thousands of Britain’s long-haul drivers may soon be numbered.Of course, these are only preliminary tests – it may well be a decade or more before driverless deliveries and long-distance haulage are an everyday reality. However,

The great unpaid super swindle | The Saturday Paper

  Employers are denying their workers almost $3 billion in unpaid superannuation each year, according to new estimates from the Australian Tax Office. The ATO believes employers have withheld $17 billion in super since 2009, and that the practice is becoming more widespread. The office has also admitted its own shortcomings in catching non-compliant businesses, revealing it

The Future Of Work And The Social Welfare State’s Survival

Is Your Property Investment Future Proof? Clickworkers An acquaintance, Lutz, gave me a tour of his co-working space in his Neukölln neighborhood in Berlin, where he and a dozen other digital entrepreneurs rent out little cubicles, share office expenses and network. Lutz and his colleagues are called ‚clickworkers’ because they work over the internet for anybody who

Pfizer corporate rorts

Pfizer And The Dutch Sandwich |  Corporate Rorts, The Real Reason Government Services Are Poor

Its Time To Get Angry, Very Angry!!! Michael West exposes Pfizer! See exactly how they steal from the public and pharmaceutical benefits scheme laundering it overseas This ring-a-ring-a-rosy has all the hallmarks of a transaction designed to create almost a billion dollars in losses which can be used for tax purposes in Australia. The Australian

Transforming Healthcare to Homecare – Ericsson ConsumerLab

An online survey of 900 decision makers across 6 industries – healthcare, insurance, medical technology companies, telecom operators, app developers/aggregators and government regulatory bodies – was carried out in Germany, Japan, South Korea, the UK and the US.

This report presents insights from an online survey of 4,500 advanced smartphone/mobile broadband users aged 18–69 carried out in February 2017. The respondents were based in Germany, Japan, South Korea, the UK and the US. Respondents were smartphone users on mobile broadband, who have higher than average use of fitness trackers, smart watches, and health apps to monitor their health. Although this represents only 16 percent of the total population of over 650 million living in these 5 countries, the health monitoring behaviors of these respondents help us predict future trends in healthcare evolution.