Retirement Superannuation and Most People

For Most People Retirement Superannuation – They Don’t Add Up!

HSBC Future of Retirement superannuationRetirement Superannuation usually generate more questions than answers for the vast majority of people. Unfortunately Australians don’t seem to know the answers.

HSBC Future of Retirement report, ‘Shifting Sands’ has some shocking news about your retirement and superannuation. You can download it at the bottom of the page.



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Things to Remember About Retirement Superannuation

The “she’ll be right mate attitude” is a recipe for disaster!

apathy about retirement and superannuation

People need to be proactive about retirement superannuation

Australians are well behind the rest of the world when it comes to seeking advice.

Despite the fear of not being able to afford a comfortable lifestyle in retirement, only 38 per cent of Australian Baby Boomers have sought information on retirement funding, compared to the global average of 50 per cent. Millennials were the most active in seeking information on retirement (50 per cent), compared to 39 per cent of Generation X. Via

Your lifespan is probably going to be a lot longer than you thought. We simply live long than our ancestors.

retirement and superannuation both need to last

Retirement superannuation need to last longer than our current 83 year average lifespan

Superannuation savings not enough for retirement, HSBC report says

Poor planning … retirement savings are running dry for Australians……..Australians expect their retirement to last 23 years but the shortfall of 13 years is among the worst of the 15 markets surveyed. Superannuation savings not enough for retirement, HSBC report says

What happens to most people in retirement?

You can expect large falls in initial income followed by your independent income running out completely about 11 years before you die. Women, live longer than men, but that means even more time on the breadline.

Where do Retirees get their income?

Deloitte’s research tells us that 81% of Australian Retirees are currently relying on the government for some form of benefit. The graph from HSBC’s “The Future of Retirement” report shows what is happening on a global basis.

Again from HSBC Australian’s expect their retirement savings to last 11 years, although they have on average 32 years of retirement to fund.

Take Action

It isn’t all doom and gloom! MaxiLife insists you take responsibility for yourself but that doesn’t mean you’re out on your own. Quite the opposite! You are joining a community with a common goal, to retire with dignity and in comfort. BUT, we did want to disturb you, make you think about things. Like worry free investment property.

This is the first day of the rest of your life! At MaxiLife we are sure that your future is about the actions you take NOW!

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HSBC Future of Retirement “Shifting Sands”

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