How Many People Live In Poverty In Australia ?

Poverty In Australia Is Getting Worse!

Poverty in Australia is getting out of hand. According to the New Daily Australian’s have $1.320 a year less to spend per family since December 2016. According to Alan Austin that is a drop of $20.4BILLION in the last six months. The less money in the economy the more poverty in Australia.

What does that mean for the average property investor ? Lots!!!

ACOSS poverty in australia report 2016

More poverty in Australia means less money available to pay the rent. That means headaches for a property investor. Unless of course your investment property has a blue chip tenant for ten years or more. A worry free MAcH 10 lease.

Flat Wages Growth Is Increasing Poverty In Australia

Poverty in Australia is being increased by flat wages growth but the issue is worse. Take it from the perspective of the loss of disposable income.

It’s official. Regular Australians are getting poorer | The New Daily

‘Household gross disposable income’ fell in the year to December 2015, the transition year from prime minister Tony Abbott and treasurer Joe Hockey to Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison.

The latest figures show that ‘household gross disposable income’ fell again in the March 2017 quarter.

Hence, the decline over six months was a staggering $20.4 billion. That is the largest dollar decline in history and the steepest percentage drop since the 2002 recession.

When household disposable income declines, so does revenue in retail, wholesale, cafes and restaurants, entertainment, the arts, tourism and transport.

These are all key areas for jobs and growth – which everyone agrees are the priorities. It’s official. Regular Australians are getting poorer | The New Daily

Falling disposable income especially for a key worker is terrible for communities, tenants and property investor. So MAcH 10 leases, backed by registered housing providers, were developed to fill the niche. Protecting all stakeholders with a long term blue chip lease that benefits everyone.

Poverty in Australia can ruin your retirement planning fill out the form below to find out how a MAcH 10 leased property can save you money.

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