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The Affordable Housing Argument

Affordable housing argument should be heard from the young person’s perspective. Eliza Owen is an economist, writer and comedian who believes economics should be accessible to everyone, not just economists. She currently works as a market analyst for, and has a regular economics segment on FBI’s ‘Backchat’.

Winning The Affordable Housing Argument Against Your Parents

The median house value in Sydney is now nearly $1 million dollars, and Sydney is one of the most unaffordable cities in the world. Unfortunately for non-home owners, no one seems to be doing anything about it. Part of the reason younger generations in particular get left out of these conversations, is that they don’t understand the numbers behind the current housing boom. In her talk, Eliza goes back to basics. She explains measurement terms, real dollar values and how to recognize when people are undermining the cost of owning in Sydney.

Eliza warns not to leave economics to the economists. Studies of economics are accessible from high school, university and the internet, and will give young people the tools to articulate what they need from policy makers.

Shared Equity Can Help You Win The Affordable Housing Argument

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