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Smart Home Technology Is The New Key To Affordable Housing

Smart home innovation is becoming the driver of affordable housing. Smart home technology is impacting across the board when it comes to affordable housing and property development and investment property.

Property investors need to be very conscious of how long their property will take to be outdated. Smart home technology will increasingly reduce the cost of maintaining a house for your tenants.

Think about it. If your investment property is a smart home it is cheaper to heat, and power. if it is better connected your tenant spends less on entertainment, shopping, education and communication.

MAcH 10 investment properties aim to be smart home “future proofed” that is everything that enables technology is included at the design phase.

Want to know the advantages of a MAcH 10 investment property?

What Does Being A Smart Home Actually Mean?

A smart home is a connected home, a home where all the pieces talk to each other.

  • Your solar power generation talks to
    • your batteries
    • your grid supply
    • Your dishwasher talks to your batteries.
    • Your heater talks to
  • Your thermostat
    • that might even talk to your car
    • or mobile phone so it knows when you’re coming home.

“Smart” homes these days means safe homes, in terms of security and health. The IoT opportunities are out there. Are you game? The Next Big Opportunity for Tech Entrepreneurs? ‘Smart’ Homes – Entrepreneur

smart home thermostat

smart thermostats ensure efficient temperature control as required










The Coolest Smart Home Innovations In 2017 | Gizmodo Australia

The most modern offering in this space are smart meters,…

… smart meters also have remote energisation, de-energisation and appliance control. They can also link with household devices through a Home Area Network (HAN) and In Home display (IHD), which give customers instant access to their electricity usage.

Smart meters also improve network performance, the reliability of the supply and allow fault identification and network load management. Learn more about smart metering at Energy Networks Australia. Via

smart home smart meters

smart home = smart meters


Affordable Housing Is Best Designed From The Beginning

Smart home design that leads to affordable housing is becoming more important as technology advances. Property investor and property developers who don’t recognise this are taking huge risks.

Our MAcH 10 product is designed with these issues in mind. Click on the button, leave us your details. We can arrange a quick chat to see how you can benefit.




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