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Are Your Tenants Jobs Among The First Jobs To Go?

Long term affordable housing issues abound. The major one is employment. Technology marches on and it is destroying jobs, eliminating jobs. Is your investment property futureproofed or is it a ticking time bomb ready to blow up your retirement?

long term affordable housing affordability futureproof your investment property

Peter Diamandis: It’s the low tech jobs that will be impacted first by long term affordable housing issues

Long Term Affordable Housing Will Be Determined By Employment Or The Lack Of It.

Don’t read further futureproof your retirement with a MAcH 10 investment property.

First Jobs To Go

What jobs will we lose first?

Three that come to mind: Truck drivers, retail, and supermarket workers and cashiers. First Jobs To Go

Is Your Investment Property Futureproofed? Long Term Affordable Housing Wise?

Here is an example. is your property going to be tenanted by key workers or just “Mr Average”? Sounds terrible but investment property is a long term investment. You must plan for long term affordable housing issues.

First Jobs To Go

…I imagine a near-term future in which an AI agent will guide me rapidly to the exact aisle and shelf to help me find the product. Then, as I leave the store, the system will charge me automatically – no need to stop, stand in line and pull out my wallet.

Taking it one step further, imagine a future where I never go to the store in the first place. My refrigerator can sense that I’m low on milk or eggs, order it all from the store, and have those products delivered by autonomous vehicle or drone. In this near-term scenario, all I do is take the products off my front doorstep and stock them in my refrigerator. First Jobs To Go

I Hate Thinking About Long Term Affordable Housing!

I sort of feel, mmmm a bit unclean! I feel a bit like I should be considering more than my future. You know what I mean don’t you!

The problem is you have to look after yourself and your family while trying to be a nice person. I’m here to tell you, you can do both. Actually you can do them better with just a little bit more thought.

First Jobs To Go

Over the last few months, up in Seattle, Amazon has established a store called Amazon Go, which is a cashier-less retail store for Amazon employees only. The reason it’s only for Amazon employees is that they’re doing tests to see how it works.

Currently, Amazon employees access an app, enter the store, and then simply take what they want off the shelf. That’s it. A system of cameras and sensors can observe what you’re taking and how many, and Amazon charges the correct amount to your account. All you do is walk out — no checkout and no cashiers. The tech isn’t perfect yet, which is why Amazon is doing this as a test, but it will get better and it will ultimately become how stores transact purchases. First Jobs To Go

Find Organisations With Common Goals!

Like registered housing providers who want to look after the key workers in our communities that keep us safe.


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