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The First Home Buyer Needs More Than Commitment Discipline and Focus Bernard

The first home buyer needs an economy and a political system that works for them. Like the vast majority of “experts” Mr Salt is a slave to the economics of the last century.

Bernard Salt says FHBs need commitment, discipline and focus – Mortgage Business

“Like it or not, Australia is going from 24 million to 40 million people over your lifetime, generation-wide.

“That means that the value of housing must increase over that time frame. If you miss out now, it’s not going to get easier – [housing prices are] not going to suddenly decline in the 2030s.” Via

The First Home Buyer Economy

Australia’s first home buyer is in a much worse position than their forebears and its not all about price. The first home buyer in the 21st century has to adapt to the

But The First Home Buyer Still Needs To Live Somewhere

The MAcH 10 long term lease product backed by some of Australia’s oldest registered housing providers is excellent for owners of investment property and the first home buyer saving their deposit.

A far better solution than Mr Salt’s advice which seems to amount to “stay calm and stay off the avocado”

His advice for FHBs is to “find a city that’s growing and get in at the bottom level, be disciplined, be focused, work together with a partner.”

The high-profile demographer achieved international fame in 2016 for suggesting in a satirical piece that FHBs could save for a deposit quicker if they eschewed weekly smashed avocado on toast at cafes. Via

Discipline Focus and working together aren’t enough for the first home buyer

By definition the first home buyer isn’t usually in the  top 5% of income earners. That, however, is where you need to be to have maintained your “share of the pie”

first home buyer inequality

historical wages growth


A world with inequality everywhere is a moral and economic threat

This examination of the threat to Australia’s future prosperity presented by growing inequality is part of the Inclusive Prosperity Commission, a major policy project of the Chifley Centre. What is “inclusive prosperity”? Simply put it is:

good jobs and wages
housing you can afford
health care when you need it
education for the future
secure income in retirement.


What Can The First Home Buyer Do For You?

Seems a funny question at first but it is actually dead serious.

If you need an investment property for retirement then investing through a programme that helps key workers saving for their first home is ideal for you. Your tenant is one of Australia’s oldest and largest housing providers! You’ve no vacancy for at least ten years.


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