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Energy Bills Will Become A Key Factor In The Success Of Your Investment Property

Energy bills are set to become the key determinant of a successful investment property! That is right a tenant’s energy bills will have a big impact on your retirement.

Energy Australia is saying to expect increases in energy bills across the board next year of 19.6%

EnergyAustralia announces 19 per cent increase to electricity prices in NSW

EnergyAustralia has announced it will increase electricity prices in Sydney by 19.6 per cent – or $346 a year – from July 1…..

EnergyAustralia chief customer officer Kim Clarke described the hike as “bad news for families and business.”

“This is … absolutely not what they wanted to hear. In the past 12 months alone wholesale prices for both electricity and gas have surged, almost doubling in some states,” she said. Via

Put simply, as a landlord, you need to isolate your tenants from the shock of energy bills. If you don’t you put your whole retirement strategy at risk.

Luckily MaxiLife has the MAcH 10 long term lease product specifically designed to give you a minimum of ten years worry free investment performance.

MAcH 10 properties are smart homes chock full of energy saving devices. In addition they are leased by some of Australia’s largest housing providers. They are blue chip tenants.

Energy Bills Are Worse For Families.

St Vincent De Paul Society believe energy bill increases for large families may top 20% this year with more to come.

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EnergyAustralia announces 19 per cent increase to electricity prices in NSW

St Vincent de Paul Society’s Gavin Dufty said EnergyAustralia’s increase was slightly higher than expected, and cautioned consumers that it “would not be the end.”

“These price increases will also be higher for non-solar households, for whom they will be closer to $400 a year,” he said,

“And for larger consumption households with families and lots of kids, it will be higher again.”

Some estimates suggest high consumption households could see annual increases of 20.8 per cent – or $517 – a year. Via

Property Investors MUST Allow For Energy Bill Shock

Energy bill shock happens like this. Your tenant moves in they aren’t used to the area so they use more power. It might be heating or they’ve combined house and have more children. BANG! before they know it the quarterly energy bill comes in and its $600.00. Who doesn’t get paid? You that is who.

Need evidence that your tenants are going to be having trouble with their energy bill?

EnergyAustralia announces 19 per cent increase to electricity prices in NSW

Last week EnergyAustralia committed to a one-off $10 million injection into its hardship program, in order to prepare to help customers through ongoing prices increases. The retailer’s hardship program usually runs at $1.5 million each year.

Mr Dufty said St Vincent de Paul called on “all the energy companies to muscle up their energy hardship programs and support for vulnerable Australians.” Via

If the power companies are budgeting for eight times the amount of hardship you can bet it will happen.

MAcH 10 Investment Properties Are Made For This

  1. You lease your property to a housing provider not a retail tenant
  2. Our properties are “future proofed” renewable energy, smart homes with energy costs in some cases 60% lower than average.
  3. Our housing providers are experts in their field they manage the tenant not just the property.

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