Affordable Housing in Western Sydney

Affordable Housing In Western Sydney Is Being Planned

Minister says the deal which is crucial to supply affordable housing in western Sydney is on track for completion by the end of the year.

Affordable Housing in Western Sydney

Angus Taylor MP Assistant Minister for Cities

An agreement for $5.3Billion in additional funding will be a boon for affordable housing in western Sydney which is forecast to need 185,000 extra homes over the next twenty years. The new airport and its supporting infrastructure will create a massive need for affordable housing in western Sydney.

Commonwealth, State and Local governments are working together on a plan to provide for the expected 500,000 extra residents by 2036


Discussions focused on delivering better outcomes for a City Deal region expecting 500,000 additional residents by 2036. Connectivity was raised as a critical driver of growth, with improved transport to and from and within the region, fundamental for Western Sydney to emerge as a city in its own right. The City Deal is seen as an opportunity for new approaches to regional governance.

The local government areas of Wollondilly, Camden, Campbelltown, Liverpool, Fairfield, Penrith, Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury will work together with the Commonwealth and NSW Governments to deliver a City Deal tailored to the needs of the region. Via

Affordable Housing in Western Sydney is a priority

Over the next 20 years Sydney’s population will increase by around 1.3 million, much of it in the eight local government areas covered by the Government’s Western Sydney City Deal. The region will need about 185,000 new homes over the next two decades in the west and southwest districts of Sydney to keep up with growth and take the pressure off house prices.

The Western Sydney City Deal will receive up to $5.3 billion from the Australian Government’s equity investment outlined in the 2017 Budget. Under the Deal, the Government will work in partnership with the NSW and local governments, focusing on local job opportunities; connectivity and liveability; catalysing development in the area surrounding the new Western Sydney Airport; stimulating local job growth; and improving transport options with the rest of Sydney. The Deal will offer incentive payments to the State and local governments to support planning and zoning reform, accelerate housing supply and deliver affordable housing outcomes in Western SydneyAHURI – Western Sydney City Deal to boost housing

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