Worst cities for affordable housing IN THE WORLD 1/4 are in Australia

Worst Cities for Affordable Housing Are In Australia

Sydney beaten only by Hong Kong as one of the worst cities for affordable housing in the world

I wonder how many police in Hong Kong sleep in their cars because they can’t afford a place to live? One of the worst cities for affordable housing, Sydney has that problem. Couch Surfing Cops.

worst cities for affordable housing

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Frustrated home buyers pushing low income renters out of market, advocacy group says – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

worst cities for affordable housingabc.net.au

Australia’s spiralling house prices are putting pressure on the rental market, forcing low-income earners to the outer suburbs while potential buyers save for a deposit,

The Rental Affordability Index is released every six months and compares household incomes with rental prices across the country.

Authors of the latest report said despite rental affordability remaining relatively steady in some parts of the country, pensioners and working families were still being priced out of all metro markets. Via abc.net.au

Developers stuck in ‘limbo land’ as record supply fails to deliver affordability

Despite record levels of home building, Sydney’s housing supply continues to fall behind population growth and is failing to deliver improvements in affordability, a new report shows.

Developers are stuck in “limbo-land” due to planning issues, but even high levels of supply might not fix the affordability problem.Developers stuck in ‘limbo land’ as record supply fails to deliver affordability

Property Developers Take Note

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