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 Australian Tiny Homes are Taking Off

Australian tiny homes have a reputation for being cobbled together. You’re thinking the old plywood caravan from the fifties. You couldn’t be further from the truth Australian tiny homes have come of age.

This affordable housing comes as pods, flat-packs, containers in one piece or modular.

AN OVERVIEW OF THE PODS — The Tiny House Company

‘The Pods’, are an affordable range of tiny houses built on flat deck trailers which can be combined in various arrangements. With flexibility in mind, the Pods are designed to work with standard sized modules of Ikea furniture and cabinetry, and also to suit a range of optional pre-designed extras that can be added as your budget allows. read more at

Australian tiny homes


what causes low housing affordability

What Causes Low Housing Affordability – The Real Issues

What Causes Low Housing Affordability? Low Wages is a Big One!

What causes low housing affordability? This is a question people have been asking since this current property boom began.

Perhaps it isn’t the right question.

Perhaps it is not “what causes low housing affordability?”  but “why can’t people afford houses?” Why do we have cops that couch surf?

Housing Affordability – The Real Issue and What Can Be Done About It. DF Partners, May 2017

Only 8% of Australians aged between 18 and 35 (the millennials) believe they will be financially better off than their parents (Deloitte Millennial Survey 2017). Housing affordability is top of mind for many Australians in this age group resulting from national house prices accelerating ahead of national income.

In this article Development Finance Partners’ (DFP) Senior Credit Executive Stephen Turner discusses the dynamics behind the issue and assesses the potential solutions.

Technology – 3D Printed Houses – Affordable Housing Construction

3D Printed Houses – Technology Making Affordable Housing

How to print a house – Curbed

At home late one night, an energy drink in one hand, the 3Doodler pen in the other, Platt Boyd had his breakthrough. Like hot glue from a gun, the molten plastic secreted by the 3Doodler hardens as it cools, which allows the user to draw 3D shapes. Eventually the tiny 3D object he had created minutes before was holding up 18 pounds of books.

3D Printed House

Apis Cor 3D Printed Houses

Now 3D printing is making its way into single-family home construction. Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, named 3D-printed construction one of the next moon shots at last year’s Milken Global Conference. Instead of powdered metals and plastic, mixtures of cement, sand, and plastic-polymers are the building materials. Instead of stationary, box-like machines, large robotic arms on a swivel produce fully functional houses, with electricity, plumbing, roofs, and windows.

Pioneers of 3D-printed construction rattle off what they see as numerous advantages: decreased costs and the consequent ability to follow through on their inventive architectural plans, as well as simpler and sturdier houses built more quickly. The price is lower for home buyers, too. The house Apis Cor built last December cost just over $10,000. By comparison, a three-bedroom, 1,050-square-foot house built by Habitat for Humanity costs roughly $50,000.How to print a house – Curbed



Worst cities for affordable housing IN THE WORLD 1/4 are in Australia

Worst Cities for Affordable Housing Are In Australia

Sydney beaten only by Hong Kong as one of the worst cities for affordable housing in the world

I wonder how many police in Hong Kong sleep in their cars because they can’t afford a place to live? One of the worst cities for affordable housing, Sydney has that problem. Couch Surfing Cops.

worst cities for affordable housing

Affordable housing for keyworkers couch surfing cops

Affordable Housing for Keyworkers: Cops Who Couch Surf

Affordable Housing for keyworkers is almost impossible to get and costs our communities in many different ways

affordable housing for keyworkers

Lack of affordable Housing for Keyworkers COSTS BIGTIME!

Lack of Affordable Housing for Keyworkers is a drain on our communities

A fine example is how a lack of affordable housing for keyworkers effects the quality of policing. Police who live in the community are simply able to do a better job. They are more aware of the people in the community and their problems.

Revealed: Peninsula’s housing crisis hits key workers

SOME police officers on the northern beaches are couch surfing or sleeping in cars between shifts due to a lack of affordable housing.

The revelation comes as former Warringah mayor Michael Regan has urged the Northern Beaches Council to introduce a plan for affordable housing.

Northern Beaches Police commander Superintendent Dave Darcy said it was “a tough life for a young cop”. A NUMBER of police officers on the northern beaches are couch surfing or sleeping in the back of cars between shifts due to a lack of affordable housing.

Source: The Manly Daily

When I was a boy the local police played sport and had a beer with people in the community. The local police were coaches and parents themselves. It is no wonder that now everything is “by the book”. Police are seen as more and more detached from the communities they serve?

“At least 50 per cent of our staff don’t live in the area, they are commuting because they have young families or are young homebuyers who have been competed out of the market.”
Supt Darcy said the “community is losing out on police who have grown up in the area, they make for far better police in your community”.Via

MaxiLife is committed to affordable housing for keyworkers and has excellent investment properties available that address this problem.

If a hassle free investment property, fully tenanted and maintained for ten years sounds good to you register today bond aggregator

Bond Aggregator Will Stop North Korea, No but Affordable Housing is a bigger problem anyway

Bond Aggregator model recommended by AHURI

It wouldn’t take much to stop North Korea, but, I’m sure a bond aggregator is not going to do it. Affordable Housing is a bigger problem anyway. Recommended by AHURI, the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, a bond aggregator is the Commonwealth’s main contribution to solving the affordable housing crisis this budget.

Read on to find out what a bond aggregator is AND how the affordable housing crisis can provide you with a hassle free property investment.