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Investment property or What?

Property investor is not just a label, it describes an option. So I’ll ask you the question. If you’re not a property investor what will you be that achieves your retirement goals?

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Our Client, Nathan a time poor truck driver based in a mining town in Western Australia. Nathan realised he was not even close to achieving his retirement goals even though he was single and earning well over $100,000 a year. After a discussion with us he decided he wanted to be a property investor.

Not a property investor? Why not?

It was the old story he was making more money but spending more and paying more tax.

The challenge was to convert what he was paying the government into working for him. After some research we found Nathan an investment property at Spring Farm. A family orientated development in Camden Sydney NSW. This property investment gives Nathan a $46,920 per year tax deduction which means the property makes him $47.00 per week in cash.

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1 to 15 year cash flow projection of property bought by person on $100,000/yr taxable income cash flow +ve $47/week

Being a property investor isn’t for everyone

But I think there is almost an investment property for every investor. Let us look at the most common objection property investor s have.

That all looks fine but what happens if I don’t have a tenant or they don’t pay the rent?

Well we have that covered with Australia’s most exciting new property investment product since the Defence Housing Authority or NRAS.

The MAcH 10 long term, zero vacancy investment property. he MAcH 10 was developed to provide certainty of income over the long term for property investors just like you.

  • Blue chip tenant
  • Minimum 10 year lease
  • Fully maintained
  • Refurbished at the end of the lease
  • Zero Vacancy

How does the MAcH 10 investment property system work?

In a nutshell, as a property investor you rent your investment property to a blue chip registered housing provider for a minimum of ten years. You pay insurance and fix any structural problems. (if it is a new property it should be covered by the builders insurance)

The registered housing provider the sub-lets the property as part of their key worker programme to make sure Police, Nurses Firemen and their support staff have affordable housing in the communities they work.

You, the property investor, have the registered housing provider managing the property servicing the tenants, finding the tenants, inspecting the property. Pretty much all you have to do is watch the value of your property increase.

What now?

Click on the link below and we can assess you for these blue chip investments. You may even qualify for a grant.

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