Property Developers

If you have property to sell in almost any area of Australia we can help you do it!
Less Hassle
More Profitably.

Our approved developers get better finance, get higher yields and more sales.

Click below to find out how our KEY WORKER programme can help you TODAY.

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Housing Providers

If you're a Community Housing Provider talk to us about increasing the impact you have in your community.

At MAcH5 we are committed to sourcing affordable housing for key workers and we know community housing providers are best positioned to manage that stock. So if you're restricted by poor government funding, need expertise to obtain more housing or just plain want to do more good work for your community click below and chat to us today

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Property Investors

Our ten year zero vacancy lease really lets you make money in your sleep. Your tenant is blue chip, rent is paid by some of Australia's largest housing providers.

AND you'll feel great housing Australia's key people, Police, Nurses, Teachers the people we rely on to make our communities work.

You'll have a blue chip tenant for 10+ years and no headaches think NRAS & DHA on steroids.

How long all the great incentives we have for you will last we can't say so click below Reserve your place NOW! Property & funding is limited.

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Looking To Rent?

Affordable housing is our specialty

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Safe secure 7-12% returns

That’s how to protect your retirement income – working together with other people just like you.

5 things we can protect your retirement income from today

  • High fees – MaxiLife Achievable cooperative Housing Limited has no fees to investors
  • Negative interest rates – already in Japan and Europe, they’re coming to Australia
  • The stock market – no wild changes in share price all our investments are secured by conservative property
  • Inflation – the inflation rate is higher than bank interest
  • Rate changes – You know your rate in advance for the full term

Who are you investing with?

People just like you. We are a cooperative run by members for members.

Plumbers, Golfers, School Teachers, Truck Drivers, Doctors, Dentists, Architects, Builders, Fishermen, Nurses the list goes on. Our membershipHow to protect your retirement income? is made up of all sorts of people with a common goal. Retiring well.

MaxiLife Achievable cooperative Housing Limited is a registered cooperative, regulated by the NSW Office of Fair Trading.

Our members, people just like you, get safe 7-12% returns by private mortgage investing.  

Members earn these returns because cooperatives are run for Members by Members accountable to Members. 


“Being a MaxiLife member works for me because I like the safety and security of bricks and mortar backed investments.

Dave L, School Teacher

No middlemen, banks, or financial planners eating into your returns. 

In fact we can’t even offer you an opportunity to invest unless you become a member. Luckily it’s FREE and very easy.

Just register here.


Plenty of people protecting you and your money:

  • Fellow members with vast experience
  • An experienced board
  • The state office of fair trading
  • An independent auditor and 
  • Australia’s most respected trustee company.

We are all working together for a common goal. To have a reasonable lifestyle while hopefully leaving the world a better place than we found it.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room…

When investing it is ALWAYS smart to ask yourself “can I lose my money?” 

The answer to that is yes no matter where you invest. But with the protection of a Cooperative structure, strong governance and conservative investments secured by quality property you can sleep easy.

Got questions want answers? Pick up the phone call Gary 0439810652

So how do you get higher than average returns without unacceptable risk?

The first thing to understand is that this type of investing isn’t new. You’ll be doing exactly what you’d be doing if you invested in a bank. You just see more of the profit! 

There’s a reason banks make huge profits. It’s not because they share them with you.

Modern technology allows anybody to compete with the banks. Even you…

MaxiLife have identified a small niche where banks find it hard to compete quickly.

We specialise in funding small to medium property developers who are building some affordable housing.

Register here and we will send you all the information you need from case studies of other investors to examples of successful investments.


Read on to see how to protect your retirement income; how to achieve safe secure 7-12% returns

If not mortgage investing what?

There are a number of reasons why mortgage investing is growing. Aside from strong protection through the Cooperative structure.

One of them is the rate of return. 

You get 7-12% paid quarterly in advance. The interest rate is established at the beginning. You know what you’re going to be making. 

Want more information call Gary 0439 810 652

It’s a much better rate than you can get right now on on a Term Deposit. And also it has less risks than things like the volatile share market and the illiquid property market. 

People like you are liking that, you know, they can invest into a mortgage, they put it against good real estate, they know what the return is going to be. 

And the other thing with investing in mortgages is you know when you’re able to get your money back. The mortgage investment is for a certain term. The exit strategy built into it. 

Want to know more? Sign up for all the details here…


So you lend somebody money for 12 months (by the way our loans pay interest quarterly in advance) and then you get paid out. Or worst case: we sell the property. You get paid from the proceeds. A very safe and straightforward system.

What is a private mortgage investment?

When we use the term private mortgage, it is a mortgage just like any other mortgage. Just like a bank, we register a charge on title. We get personal guarantees and often mortgages on more than one property.

This just happens to be a private mortgage only because the lender isn’t a bank. The purpose of private mortgage investment is the same making sure that your capital is preserved while you get a steady 7-12% return (paid quarterly IN ADVANCE). 

What I want to stress is MaxiLife doesn’t go chasing the highest possible returns. We won’t help you lend money to widows and orphans either. I think the major priority when you’re a private lender is safety and security. To chase high returns, even if you do it for a while and it works out, will lead to heartbreak.

So again, the priority is preservation of capital.

 Makes sense? Share your details and I’ll send you a FREE case study.


Where will you be investing?

When you’re lending money, we usually find that private people like to lend near where they live. 

That’s natural, you have more knowledge closer to home. A better gut feel. 

You want to feel comfortable with an investment. So if I have an opportunity, maybe that is 200 miles from where you live, you’re not gonna feel as comfortable. 

That’s where being in a Cooperative really comes to the fore, we’ve probably got a member just like you who lives just around the corner.

“That’s the type of investment that I usually like to make. One that’s close to a member. Something they can drive over and take a look at.”

Gary FitzGerald, Director MaxiLife

“I like the idea that another member can check on the site because even though I’ve never bothered it is reassuring”

Nick C, Master Fisherman & Dad

It doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t lend where we didn’t have a local member, but if we’re going to do any lending outside the geographical area where a member lives, we do it at lower levels and higher returns just to be on the safe side.

Want to discuss investing further? Call the Parramatta office 02 8896 6085

What types of return can somebody make on a private mortgage?

Again, I’m going to go back to the risk level. So returns, whether it’s a first or a second, would be anywhere between 7% and 12% that’s the rates usually that we get from most of our borrowers.

Again, you know there is 15% 16% 17% out there. But we achieve those rates through profit sharing. 

We hope you feel comfortable more in the arena where the rate is much more reasonable and therefore we stay in the lower loan to value. 

So if you’re lending somebody 50 or 60% against the property, yes, you’re likely to give them more of a 7% or a seven and a half percent. If you’re lending somebody up to 80% then we’re, we’re looking more at the 10% 12% range. Often with a profit share as well.

So for a FREE case study on how a mortgage investment works for you leave your name and number here or 

Call Colin 0424 188 146 or Gary 0439810652

Private mortgage investments
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Safe secure mortgage investments pay 7-12 per annum paid quarterly in advance. Cash rates are down, banks arent paying the stock market is volatile. Call Gary 0439 810 652
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